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Monday, 10 January 2005

Splitting a RestrictToCategory view into Columns

While answering queries on the Notes forum, i came across this tricky requirement (still haven't managed to crack it). Check this view. The arrangement of data is Top - Bottom then a split and again Top - Bottom which is totally amazing. However, i got close to it and here is what i did :

1) Create a VIEW with the following attributes :
----- Treat View Contents as HTML
----- Appropriate VIEW Selection Formula
----- First Column
Hidden Column
Show twisties when row is expandable
Sort should be 'Ascending'
Type should be 'Categorized'
----- Second Column
Formula should be ""
----- Third Column
Formula should be :
root:=@ReplaceSubstring(@ReplaceSubstring(@Subset(@DbName; -1);" ";"+");"";"/");
----- Fourth Column
Forumla should be ""
2) Create a $$ViewTemplate form for the View you just created in step 1
This form should have a $$ViewBody field within a table i.e.
'' Make it PASS Thru HTML
******* Place your $$ViewBody field here, it should be of TEXT and EDITABLE ***************
'' Make it PASS Thru HTML
Put the following 2 functions in the JS Header :
function StartRow(DocNumber) {
if (DocNumber==1) {
function EndRow(DocNumber) {
if (DocNumber % 2==0) {
document.write ('');

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