Wednesday, 20 April 2005

Everyone's playing with the Monkey !!

Greasemonkey seems to be the latest attraction for many of the Lotus Gurus!!

Julian created a really cool interface which helps alot if you are browing on the LDD forums. You don't need to open each document in a thread .. everthing is inline now and its called LDDMonkey.

Rob came up with a similar script which displays comments on Julian website inline. So no need to open the comments in the pop-up. Use AssMonkey !! lol ....

Jake has also contributed to the LDD by retaining the search keyword value and adding links to open search results in a new window. Check out LDD Super Search.

I have installed all the 3 scripts and they work just great.
Great Stuff, Keep it up guys !!

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I need to check this out, but keeping busy for last few weeks.
Also I will be in Bombay next week. ZD is already there, and if you hvn't got the news he is no longer Dubai Resident :) Rest you should check out from him.

When I had the time i will write a script to auto fill the Name/Email/URl fields of the Comment page on your Blog :)

Posted by: Subhan | Wednesday, 20 April 2005

Yes this thing is very interesting ... i will try to find some time and explore it too.
I am not aware of ZD's latest exploration !! update me via an email on this.

Posted by: Ashish Sidapara | Wednesday, 20 April 2005


Posted by: Tim | Sunday, 09 July 2006

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